Token FAQ

  • What is the MADtoken?

    The MADtoken serves several purposes:

    • Acts as a “software license” that activates a payment channel for the accounting, fulfillment and reconciliation of ad delivery
    • Incentivizes participant behavior to be aligned with the benefit of the network
    • Bootstraps the long-term development of the MAD Network
  • How does MADtoken Work?

    The MADtoken is the exclusive way for network participants to access the features of MADnet Books, the decentralized payment rail powering the ecosystem. Advertisers stake the MADtoken to create an insertion orders, which are smart contracts that specify how ads should be executed. Each Insertion Order produces an equivalent amount of MADcred, the only acceptable payment method within the MAD Network.

  • What is the price per MADtoken

    Each MADtoken will be sold for $.40 USD during the token sale

  • Is there a Proof of Concept Available?

    You can view our first POC here.

  • Who is developing the MAD Network?

    The MAD Network is being developed by a team highly experienced in both blockchain technology and ad tech. Our Project Lead, Adam Helfgott, is a CTO and serial tech entrepreneur. As the co-founder and CEO of MadHive, Adam conceptualizes and builds OTT ad tech with a blockchain architecture. Adam has worked directly on multiple blockchain projects and has held strategic advisory positions within several leading blockchain and media companies including Gem and IMG/WME.

  • What is the total supply of MADtoken?

    The total supply of MADtoken is 220,000,000

  • How much is being raised in the token launch?

    The MAD Network is raising $25,000,000 USD

  • When is the token launch?

    The MAD Network Token Launch will be held December 14, 2017

  • Where and how will with the MAD Network token sale take place?

    The MAD Network token sale will be conducted through CoinCart, an enterprise-grade software solution designed to help tokenized networks raise money. Participants will be able to navigate to CoinCart through our website once the token sale starts.

  • Will there be a pre-registration period?

    All token launch participants will complete a basic KYC/AML check before entering the token sale portal on CoinCart.

  • What will the token launch proceeds be used for?

    100% of the proceeds raised during the token launch will be used towards further developing the platform. Specifically 50% will be allocated to Research & Development, 15% to both the Platform and Business Development, 10% towards Marketing initiatives and 5% to both Token Launch Expenses and Legal Counsel.

  • What will be the initial distribution of MADtoken

    MADtoken will be distributed amongst the following parties:

    • Community - 42%
    • MAD Technologies Foundation - 20%
    • Founding Team - 10%
    • MadHive - 10%
    • Seed Round - 8%
    • Ecosystem Partners - 4%
    • Sale Expenses - 3%
    • Supervisor Nodes - 2%
    • Advisors - 1%
  • Can I mine MADtoken?

    Yes, miners are necessary to ensure ads can be matched in a decentralized manner. We will be releasing documentation regarding mining on the MAD Network in Q1 2018

  • Will there be a lockup period of MADtoken sold during the public launch?

    No, MADtokens will be distributed no later than 30 days after the public sale

  • Which currencies will be accepted during the sale?

    BTC and ETH

  • How are MADtokens priced?

    MADtokens will be priced in USD at the beginning of the sale. When a purchase is initiated, we calculate a spot conversion rate for either BTC or ETH and provide the quantity we require for full payment of the purchase.

  • Are there any bonuses or discounts available for the token launch?

    There are no bonuses or discounts in the public token sale

  • Are investors from specific countries unable to participate in the token sale?

    Accredited investors from the United States may participate in the sale through established compliant processes. If you would like to learn more about that, contact us at: Investors from the United States, China, and Singapore will be unable to participate in the general crowd sale.

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