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The Future of Programmatic Advertising

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Token Sale Begins
November 30th 2017

A Decentralized Network for the Advertising Industry

The MAD Network is a set of decentralized applications designed to seamlessly connect every stakeholder within the complex adtech value chain.

MADnet Books

The first solution built into the network will be MADnet Books, a decentralized payment rail that allows advertisers to stake inseration orders into the MAD Network. This payment rail will open a tokenized marketplace for exchanging the value of an ad impression.

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MADnet Core

The next layer built within the MAD Network will be MADnet Core, a decentralized ad server and exchange. MADnet Core will store, match and serve ads propagated through the network. MADnet Core is powered by a proof-of-real-work algorithm that combs through large amounts of ad requests and campaigns to find the best possible match.

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MADnet Data

MADnet Data is a decentralized data management platform (DMP) that will capture information from the use of the MAD Network and allow participants to exchange data in a peer-to-peer architecture.

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How Mad Works

Connecting Advertisers and Publishers

  1. Advertiser creates insertion order on MADnet Books by staking MADtoken
  2. Ad request information is propagated to MADnet Core
  3. Ad serving miners compete to find the best possible match
  4. Smart contracts within MADnet Books pay publishers and miners as the advertisement plays in near-real-time.

Benefits of Mad

A New Paradigm for
Programmatic Advertising

The MAD Network is not operated by one central party. Decentralized miners ensure that advertisements are constantly being served, averting the possibility of a single point of failure.
Today’s ad tech supply chain is opaque - neither the advertiser nor the publisher has insight into agreed-upon prices. The MAD Network is completely open and accessible by all parties. Blockchain technology gives each entity confidence in the veracity of the data in the network.
The MAD Network puts an end to today’s convoluted programmatic advertising system in which intermediaries capture 60 percent of ever ad dollar spent. By establishing trust within the MAD ecosystem, network participants can transact without the need for a middleman.


The MAD Network Aims to Create a Better Ecosystem for Everyone


Connect with a global network of publishers with inventory and serve advertisements to targeted audiences around the world. The MAD Network is accessible by anyone, anytime, anywhere, so impressions are always ready to be matched.


Advertising payments are handled automatically so you can worry less about collecting revenue and more on growing your audience. Unlock new monetization strategies by utilizing your first party data throughout the MAD Network. Blockchain technology ensures that buyers have full faith in the integrity of the data.

Ad Serving Miners

Matching ad requests can be done by anyone interested in strengthening the MAD Network. Mining is straightforward and compatible with modern-day infrastructure. Earn MADtoken for helping store, process and match advertising requests with relevant impressions.


Expansive Media Reach


Unparalleled Blockchain Insights


MAD Network Token Sale Documentation

Economic Overview


MADtoken is escrowed to activate a payment channel for the accounting, fulfillment and instant reconciliation of ad delivery

Token Allocation
  • 0%
  • 10%
  • 20%
  • 30%
  • 40%
Founding Team
MadHive Equity
Seed Round
Ecosystem Partners
Sale Expenses
Supervisor Nodes

Use of Funds

Business Development
Token Launch


Total Tokens
Price Per Token
Token Type
ERC 20
Fundraising Goal
Implied Market Cap
Token Sale Date


Core Team

Adam Helfgott
Adam Helfgott
Project Lead

Adam is a CTO and serial tech entrepreneur. As the Co-Founder and CEO of MadHive, Adam conceptualizes and builds OTT ad tech with a blockchain architecture. Adam has worked directly on multiple blockchain projects and has held strategic advisory positions within several leading blockchain and media companies including Gem and IMG/WME.

Tom Bollich
Tom Bollich
Lead Architect

Tom is an entrepreneur in the technology space, particularly in "gamification of economies." Before advising various Fortune 500 companies on "gamification," he was a founding team member and founding Studio CTO at Zynga. Tom has been at the forefront of many disruptive trends we now see as commonplace, including gamification, online casinos, real-time labor, and even Cannabis.

Konstantin Richter
Konstantin Richter
Token Strategist

A serial entrepreneur in the SaaS media space, Konstantin is an advisor to leading blockchain companies like Gem, Shocard and He is the co-chair of the advertising consortium AdLedger and CEO of Blockdaemon.

Chris Powers
Chris Powers
Project Manager

Powers is a Vice President at BTC Labs, a venture studio building a suite of decentralized applications for forward-thinking media companies. He previously spent 8 years in Shanghai consulting for investment banks and mutual funds on the Chinese capital markets before joining ICOAGE, the worlds largest ICO platform, as Director of International Markets.


Bo Shen
Bo Shen
Fenbushi Capital
Renqi Shen
Renqi Shen
Fenbushi Capital
Mike Germano
Mike Germano
Vice Media
David Bailey
David Bailey
BTC Media
Barry Cupples
Barry Cupples
Greg Clayman
Greg Clayman
Viacom, Fox, Vimeo
Tim Ringel
Tim Ringel
Gabe Greenberg
Gabe Greenberg
Armin Ebrahimi
Armin Ebrahimi
MT Carney
MT Carney
Untitled Worldwide
New Advisor

The Mad Roadmap

Evolution of the MAD Network

Concept & Launch
January 2015 - MadHive Team first ideates and conceptualizes blockchain solutions for the ad tech industry
April 2016 - MadHive Launches
August 2016 - MadHive completes first round of seed funding
Blockchain and Ad tech
September 2016 - First ad tech blockchain POC
February 2017 - Team begins developing a centralized ad server with hashed data
June 2017 - Tegna becomes MadHive's first paying customer
Network Beginnings
June 2017 - MadHive leads the first inaugural meeting of AdLedger
August 2017 - MAD Network hires its first Lead Blockchain Engineer
November 2017 - MAD Network Contribution Period
MAD Network POC
Janurary 2018 - Grow the MAD Network development team
April 2018 - Launch centralized version of MADnet Books with full transparency
MAD Network Launch
August 2018 - Launch centralized version of MADnet Core compatible with MADnet Books
November 2018 - Introduce MADtoken economy within MADnet Books
MAD Network Growth
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